Know How to Convert DBX to PST - Help Manual

Step-by-Step Guide to Convert DBX to PST

Before starting DBX to PST Conversion, a user must assure availability of following things -

  • "Show hidden files & folders" option active.
  • Outlook 2010 (32-bit) or 2007 or 2003 properly installed.
  • Valid configured POP3 Profile in Outlook
  • DBX files other than folders.dbx

After checking the above checklist, Start DBX to PST Tool by clicking shortcut icon in desktop or by clicking Start -> Programs -> DBX to PST Converter. Then you will get a following window -

Then next step is to select OE DBX files. There are 2 ways to select DBX files -

  • By Clicking "Add DBX Files" button - Using this button users are allowed to select DBX files one after another or you can say one by one.
  • By Clicking "Add Folders having DBX Files" button - Using this button, users are allowed to select unlimited DBX files at a time. This option helps users to select folder having unlimited DBX files.

After selecting the DBX files, users will have a following window -

The next step is to choose saving option. There are 2 saving options -

  • Create single PST for all DBX files
  • Create separate PST files for each DBX files

Final step will be to click on Convert Messages button to start the DBX to PST conversion process as shown below -

So, DBX to PST Converter is 3-step program that just takes three steps to Convert DBX to PST. With this DBX to PST Tool, users are able to perform batch, fast, complete conversion of DBX to PST.

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